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Sun Damage

Sun Damage in midland, mi

treatments available for sun damage

forever young bbl™

Anti-aging treatment designed to address wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores and sun damage

subnovii plasma pen

Improves the appearance of skin using low-frequency wavelengths.

clear + brilliant

Improves skin elasticity and texture by delivering heat to treatment areas on your face.

chemical peels

Chemical peels are specialty skincare treatments that involve the application of mild acids to the skin.

skincare products

Glo Skin Spa carries the finest FDA-approved medical-grade skin care products on the market.

skinpen microneedling

A form of skin therapy that involves puncturing the skin using a device made up of tiny sterile needles.

growth factor procedure

A skin care procedure for addressing collagen loss, melasma, sun damage and other such concerns.


Removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz that dulls our complexions.

opus plasma treatment

Skin resurfacing and tightening results through a combination of radiofrequency and microplasma technology.

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